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REVELATION  Expulsion from the paradise (2001)

     1.  INTRO
         A Rain Day...
         You Are Sitting Near The Window And Looking At The Rain.
         It Covers You And You Plunge Into It's Melancholy Melody.
         You Can See The Drops Breaking On The Ground.
         They Are Like Our Human Life.
         Just A Moment Of Their Flight.
         And An Inevitable Fall On A Road Of Our Life.

         A Rain Day...
         A Good Day For Recollections.
         A Fire In The FirePlace Warms You.
         It Heats Your Body, But Not A Soul.
         He Is Despondency Of Your Heart.
         Your Soul Is Like A Broken Vessel.
         Emptiness Is Inside It.
         There Is A Memory In The Soul
         About Those Happy Days.
         About Her... Her Hands... The Smell Of Her Hair...
         Her Tender Touch. It Was So Long Ago,
         That Seems To Me It's Unreal.
         Fragments Of Recollections Like A Flame
         Of A Candle On The Wind.
         Her Destiny Is To Be Born Down.

         Despondency And Melancholy
         These Are The Symbols Of This Day
         The Day Of Sky Tears.
         The Cry Of Inevitability.

         A Rain Day:
         A Good Day To Die.
         To Go Up With The Rain.
         And Feel The Happiness Of The Fly
         And Dissolve In The Ocean Of Tears.

 3. MY ROOM       

       My Room
       The Kingdom Of My... Melancholy
       My Mind
       Can't Realize The World... Around Me         
       My Underworld
       Created And Surrounded... By Four Walls
       I Keep This World
       Just For Myself.

       My Eyes
       Glance At The Outside
       Into The World Of Fear, Violence And Haterid
       They Heads
       A Turning To My Side.

       There Are Looking At Me
       Those Creatures
       Can't Be Called The Human Deings
       Darkness Is In Their Souls.

       Their Eyes Are Full Of Lie And Hipocrisy
       Their Hands Destroed Greedness
       Are Turning To Reach And Destroy Me
       To Turn Me Into A Faceless Creature
       Like They Are Concidered To Be.

  4. CELEBRATION OF MADNESS                          

       When A Ray Of The Sun Brightens The Earth               
       And The Glance Doesn't Seats On The Killed In The Battle
       The Night Starts It's Way And The Devil Doesn't Drowse 
       He Tears The Warriors Souls Inclined In The Prayer 

       But The Death Doesn't Make The Deceaseds Feel Quite    
       Showing Them The Way To The  Kingdom Of Gloom          
       A Beautiful Maiden Can't Find The Hero                 
       And They Are In Spell Of A New Charge               

       They Gods Cousted Down They Eyes And Turned Their Faces 
       Just The Devil Walks, covering everything with darkness 
       Shrowing On Sleepers His Bloody Faces   
       Souls Fight To Earth Other Here                     
       And Their Flesh Is Just A Mute Reward             
       The Flesh, Doomed By Their Destiny                     
       So You Can Name                                   

       That Place Appeared Because Our Madness           
       And Our Wish To Destroy Everything                    
       But Forces Are Equal So It Wount Be The Winner       
       That Is The Reason Of Eternal World.



         Sleeping Devil Open His Dozine Eyes:
         Pious Soul Create Kingdom Of Tyranny.
         Their Dumb Wail Fixes The Lowliness

         The Sadness Rules This Forgotten Empire.
         In Shadow Of High Cross Is Falling One
         Cold Tears Realized You're.
         You're Walking The Path To Unknown.

         The Somebodyes  Eyes Are Watching The Confused Motion
         Arms Of Dark Tired And Alone
         Trying To Show The Right Way In This Perfect Illusions
         Calls Of Hopelessnes In The Heart
         Blood Is Flowing Down Scarred Hands.
         Alone That Your Life Is Only Fraund:
         And Death Is Near:

        Deep Pain In Your Eyes Hides The Sad Of Mad Mind
        It Has Confessed That You Were Only Slave.
        It's Late And You Die With Last Wish
        To Understand Insesible World Of Your Life And Belief.
        Blood Is Flowing Down Scarred Hands.
        It's Tricking Slowly To Emptiness.



       ABYSS OF THE WORLD ( Part 1 )

       The Scraem That Freezes Souls Runs Through The Expanse...
       Inhuman Cold Surround This Damned World...
       Damned By Gods... Abyss Of The World...
       The Shelter Of The Features Who Inhaled The Madness Of The Universe.

       The Sun Is Not Seen Because Of The Dark
       It's A Ray Of A Light Witch Can't Warm
       The Planet Because Of The Mad People.

       Their Souls Are Frosen Over.
       Their Mind Is Held By The Hatred.
       Their Wish Is To Rule The Universe
       These Features Don't Subordinate The Creator Who Confind.
       The Creator Who Inhaled The Harmony Of Evil And Good.
       The Creator Gave Them An Apartunity To Think And Perfect Themself.
       Give Them The Chance To Create
       Their Gods Who Does Good Whont Realizing Evil.


The Life On The Earth Is A Dream.
One Long And Recurrent Dream.
It Makes You Crazy By Monotonicity.
And Now It Surrounds You.
Now You Belong To It.
And You Become A Dream For Others.

Break The Nets Of Dream ( The Nets Of The Life ).
Take My Hands,
Make A Step To The Path Of Understanding.
Destroy THe Dream Of Life.

Cold... Emptiness...
Yes, That Was Hid Out Of Illusions
They Are In Front Of You.
The Gods Of This World
Touch Them. Break THeir Masks.
Are You Surprised? Wake Up.
They Are Not The Defenders Of Sufferes
This Gods Bring Suffering.
They Laugh At Your Pain
And Then They Make Sax Face.

Break The Nets Of Dream ( The Nets Of The Life ).
Take My Hands,
Make A Step To The Path Of Majesty.
Destroy THe Dream Of Life.

Now You Are Equel.
You Know The Truth
Play With Human Souls.
Create Your World Of Dreams.
But Look Arround, Was It The Last Step.
May Be It's Another Illusion.
But Who Are You? The God?
Just A Piece In Eternal Dreaming
And May Be The Death Is Just A Beginning?

Break The Nets Of Dream ( The Nets Of The Life ).
Take My Hands,
Make A Step To The Path Of Endless Suffering.


Listen To Your Heart (Roxette)

Per Gessle/M.P. Persson

      I know there's something
      In the wake of your smile.
      I get a notion
      From the look in your eyes, yea.
      You've built a love
      But that love falls apart.
      Your little piece of heaven turns too dark.

      Listen to your heart
      When he's calling for you.
      Listen to your heart
      There's nothing else you can do.
      I don't know where you're going
      And I don't know why,
      But listen to your heart
      Before you tell him goodbye.

      Sometimes you wonder
      If this fight is worthwhile.
      The precious moments
      Are all lost in the tide, yea.
      They're swept away
      And nothing is what it seems,
      The feeling of belonging to your dreams.

      And there are voices
      That want to be heard.
      So much to mention
      But you can't find the words.
      The scent of magic,
      The beauty that's been
      When love was wilder than the wind.

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